For the last 8 years, we at Galvanised Hockey have produced highlights, interviews and features of English League hockey. For the last 3 ½ years we have produced our flagship show ‘Monday Night Hockey’. This was initially sponsored by Barrington Sports and then in September 2017, Investec took over the title role and helped take the show onto new levels. We are hugely grateful for their support, but they have decided to end their sponsorship with immediate effect.

We are now looking for your support to help continue the show for the second half of the season, without lowering the quality and level of coverage we provide. We have always looked to invest all our incomes into improving the levels of production, year on year. From filming one match every other weekend, to 2 a weekend, then extra camera angles, before the creation of the Monday Night Show complete with voice over and commentary and then improved social media coverage. This continual progression and improvement is something we will look to continue.

Weekly costs to produce the show are numerous and include camera operators, equipment, editing, voice over, commentators, fuel, etc.

Unfortunately, we have never received any financial support from the governing body and have had to rely on sponsorship and a meagre advertising income from Youtube. We have always resisted any move towards a direct end user charge or paywall, as we feel this would do nothing to help promote the sport.

Any support you can provide us would be gratefully appreciated and allow us to provide this coverage until the end of the season.