Here we will be bringing you live updates from all English Hockey Leagues, including the Investec Women’s Hockey Leagues and NOW: Pensions Leagues.

Send us your pictures, scores and news. Write in the comments at the bottom of the page, on twitter @galvanisdhockey or on Facebook.

We’ll also be finding out who has the longest away trip and who you think will win the battle of the big names to come out topscorer in the South Prem.


Galvanised Hockey | 19:48

Well, that’s it for Match Day Live again this week.

We hope you enjoyed all the action and we’ll be back again next Saturday and ready to bring you all the photos, goals and results.

Galvanised Hockey | 19:45

Women’s Conference East: St Albans 2 – 0 Wimbledon

Galvanised Hockey | 19:44

Well, I am not sure how many people would have expected a double-figures scoreline at the top end of the English Hockey League.

Galvanised Hockey | 19:36

The late game in Conference West has just got underway:

Galvanised Hockey | 19:33

Full time at East Grinstead:

Galvanised Hockey | 19:32

Full time at Cannock:

Galvanised Hockey | 19:31

Galvanised Hockey | 19:27

Another goal at Cannock and it’s a hat-trick for Sam Ward putting Beeston 4-2 up with minutes to go.

Galvanised Hockey | 19:24

Looks like Wimbledon could have claimed quite a scalp today:

Galvanised Hockey | 19:21

Some action from Leicester vs Reading in the women’s Premier Division:

Galvanised Hockey | 19:19

Richmond pull one back at Holcombe. Could this be the comeback of all comebacks?

Galvanised Hockey | 19:16

Beeston take the lead in the Premier Division:

Galvanised Hockey | 19:06

With a six-goal deficit at half-time Richmond HC take a sneaky poke at their opponents.

Galvanised Hockey | 19:04

The visitors have just extended their lead in West Sussex:

Galvanised Hockey | 19:00

Goal. Wimbledon have take the lead at East Grinstead.

Galvanised Hockey | 18:58

In the men’s Conference East it is half-time at Holcombe and things are not going well for visitors Richmond HC.

Galvanised Hockey | 18:46

Half-time in the midlands too:

Galvanised Hockey | 18:44

Half-time in West Sussex:

Galvanised Hockey | 18:38

Thurrock HC results:

Galvanised Hockey | 18:34

Galvanised Hockey | 18:32

A busy start at East Grinstead too.

Galvanised Hockey | 18:23

Awwww. We’ve all been there.

Galvanised Hockey | 18:20

Last result in the women’s Premier Division.

Galvanised Hockey | 18:18

A quickfire start at Cannock as they play host to Beeston in the men’s Premier Division.

Galvanised Hockey | 18:12

Sutton Coldfield results:

Galvanised Hockey | 18:11

Galvanised Hockey | 18:07

Galvanised Hockey | 18:06

Galvanised Hockey | 18:04

Results from the south west.

Galvanised Hockey | 18:03

Galvanised Hockey | 18:01

Men’s Conference East: Old Loughtonians 1 – 3 Teddington

Galvanised Hockey | 17:59

It’s all over at Sonning Lane with the hosts taking the spoils, having come back from behind twice.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:56

Looks like a lovely day for hockey across the pond.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:54

Rick Mantell gives Reading the lead with just 5mins to play.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:53

Galvanised Hockey | 17:48

Another big scoreline.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:44

Galvanised Hockey | 17:42

‘Fairly wiffy’

Galvanised Hockey | 17:27

This sounds really unpleasant. Wishing them a speedy recovery.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:25

Galvanised Hockey | 17:15

Galvanised Hockey | 17:14

Galvanised Hockey | 17:11

And yet again it is nullified just seconds later!

Galvanised Hockey | 17:09

Another goal in Sonning Lane.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:06

Galvanised Hockey | 16:55

Who doesn’t enjoy a good social?

Galvanised Hockey | 16:53

Men’s Premier Division result:

Canterbury 1 – 4 Southgate

Galvanised Hockey | 16:50

Galvanised Hockey | 16:50

Galvanised Hockey | 16:48

Men’s Conference North: Wakefield 1 – 5 Loughborough Students

Men’s Conference East: West Herts 3 – 4 Brighton & Hove

Galvanised Hockey | 16:46

Galvanised Hockey | 16:43

But it doesn’t last long.

Galvanised Hockey | 16:42

There’s been a goal in the men’s Premier Division fixture at Sonning Lane.

Galvanised Hockey | 16:41

Galvanised Hockey | 16:36

Galvanised Hockey | 16:34

A result at Wakefield HC in the men’s Conference North.

Galvanised Hockey | 16:32

And another goal at Canterbury. Rick Gay special?

Galvanised Hockey | 16:31

Women’s Conference East: Chelmsford 1 – 1 Sevenoaks

Galvanised Hockey | 16:29

An equaliser at Canterbury

Galvanised Hockey | 16:27

Channel Islands hockey

Galvanised Hockey | 16:16

And over in the men’s Premier Division.

Galvanised Hockey | 16:15

Galvanised Hockey | 16:14

The hotly anticipated top of table clash in the women’s Premier Division has got underway.

Galvanised Hockey | 16:05

That’s not ideal.

Galvanised Hockey | 16:02

Yateley men get their season up and running in Surrey / Hants Regional 1

Galvanised Hockey | 16:01

Current scoreline in the last men’s Conference North result to come in.

Wakefield 1 – 2 Loughborough Students

Galvanised Hockey | 15:59

Galvanised Hockey | 15:58

Galvanised Hockey | 15:56

Result from Women’s Premier Division:

Leicester 3 – 0 Reading

Galvanised Hockey | 15:53

Great snap.

Galvanised Hockey | 15:52

Galvanised Hockey | 15:51

Men’s Conference West: Barford Tigers 2 – 3 Uni of Birmingham, Guildford 3 – 0 Whitchurch

Men’s Conference North: Bowdon 6 – 2 Doncaster, Uni of Durham 2 – 2 Deeside Ramblers

Men’s Conference East:  Bromley & Beckenham 3 – 1 Oxted

Galvanised Hockey | 15:44

Women’s Conference North: University of Durham 1 – 0 Sutton Coldfield

Women’s Conference East: Harleston Magpies 3 – 0 Horsham, Ipswich 0 – 1 Bedford

Just two results left in both women’s Premier Division and Conference East.

Galvanised Hockey | 15:40

Galvanised Hockey | 15:22

Men’s Conference West: Fareham 3 – 2 Uni of Exeter, Bath Buccaneers 6 – 4 Indian Gym

Men’s Conference North: Olton & West Warwicks 5 – 2 Leek, Sheffield Hallam 6 – 1 Belper

Galvanised Hockey | 15:20

Women’s Premier Division: Clifton 6- 3 Beeston

Women’s Conference East: Maidenhead 2 – 4 East Grinstead

Galvanised Hockey | 14:55

Galvanised Hockey | 14:54

Galvanised Hockey | 14:47

Galvanised Hockey | 14:46

Women’s Conference North Result:

Wakefield 4 – 4 Brooklands Poynton

Galvanised Hockey | 14:45

What a ‘nana!

Galvanised Hockey | 14:44

Galvanised Hockey | 14:40

Wisbech Town HC didn’t stay on top for long. A new, massive, high score of the day.

Galvanised Hockey | 14:39

Another chunky scoreline.

Galvanised Hockey | 14:37

Galvanised Hockey | 14:37

New high score of the day! Double figures reached by Wisbech Town HC.

Galvanised Hockey | 14:36

Galvanised Hockey | 14:35

Galvanised Hockey | 14:30

Result from women’s Conference North:

Whitley Bay & Tynemouth 1 – 1 Kendal

Galvanised Hockey | 14:23

Last result from the women’s Conference West.

Galvanised Hockey | 14:18

Women’s Conference East H/T score:

Galvanised Hockey | 14:17

‘Goals from me’

Galvanised Hockey | 14:14

New high score of the day!

Galvanised Hockey | 14:12

Galvanised Hockey | 14:09

Another goal for Bowdon’s men.

Galvanised Hockey | 14:08

More women’s results:

Premier Division – Buckingham 2 – 3 Uni of Birmingham

Conference West – Isca Uni 3 -1 Olton & West Warwicks

Conference North – Liverpool Sefton 0 – 2 Ben Rhydding.

Galvanised Hockey | 14:05

A better day for Cambridge City’s men’s 3s.

Galvanised Hockey | 13:59

Cambridge City lose 3-2 at Chichester Priory in the men’s Conference East.

Galvanised Hockey | 13:57

A goal for Bowdon against Doncaster.

Galvanised Hockey | 13:55

Another big win. No double figures yet, though.

Galvanised Hockey | 13:51

Some more results from the women’s division Conference West:

Bristol Firebrands 0-2 Slough

Swansea City 2-0 Oxford Hawks.

Galvanised Hockey | 13:45

Galvanised Hockey | 13:45

Galvanised Hockey | 13:44

Galvanised Hockey | 13:41

Strong result for Surbiton in the Men’s Premier Division.

Galvanised Hockey | 13:38

Galvanised Hockey | 13:37

Another women’s result just in from the Conference North: Cannock 0-1 Loughborough Students.

Galvanised Hockey | 13:36

In the Women’s Conference West, another early result as Trojans have beaten Stourport 2-1.

Galvanised Hockey | 13:33


Galvanised Hockey | 13:32

Galvanised Hockey | 13:29

I have no idea how big this pitch-side pony supporter is…

Galvanised Hockey | 13:27

First result in from the Investec Women’s Premier Division.

Canterbury 3 – 0 Bowdon Hightown.

Galvanised Hockey | 13:25

First big scoreline of the day. Can your team beat it? Let us know #MDL

Galvanised Hockey | 13:24

We’re just experiencing a few issues with Twitter so please bear with us.

In the meantime, why don’t you vote in our poll today.

We’re looking for your view on who will be the top scorer in the South Premier Division 1, James Tindall or Sandeep Singh.

Tell us who you think will score more using #MDLTindall or #MDLSingh

Galvanised Hockey | 12:20

Lincoln Roses fixtures.

Galvanised Hockey | 12:17

Big game for Woking in the Surrey / Hants Regional 1

Galvanised Hockey | 11:58

Big game today for Twiggy.

Galvanised Hockey | 11:53

Whitchurch Hockey fixtures today.

Galvanised Hockey | 11:51

As well as keeping an eye out for the biggest scorelines today, we’ll also be looking for the longest round trip for an away game.

Can anyone beat this lengthy excursion for Northern Hockey Club?

Galvanised Hockey | 11:45

Harborne HC fixtures today.

Galvanised Hockey | 11:44

Always good to get a warm up in.

Galvanised Hockey | 11:36

Galvanised Hockey | 11:35

Galvanised Hockey | 11:30

Welcome to Match Day Live for Saturday October 25.

We’re here to guide you through all the day’s action from both the Now Mens’ Premier Division, Investec Women’s Premier Division, the Conference and all the leagues below.

Send us your goals, results, selfies, team shots and more via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Use the hashtag #MDL and we can feature your posts in the blog.

That’s it, we’re off.


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