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Here we will be bringing you live updates from all English Hockey Leagues, including the NOW: Pensions Men’s Hockey Leagues, Investec Women’s Hockey Leagues and the EHL Round 1 from Barcelona.

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Galvanised Hockey | 19:04 That’s all from us for today. Thanks for joining us, we look forward to having you join in on the fun again next week!

Galvanised Hockey | 18:32

Lovely team shot.

Galvanised Hockey | 18:31 Another winning streak comes to an end.

Galvanised Hockey | 18:29

We shared results from Nomads earlier. One of the other Cambridge clubs has had a successful day too.

Galvanised Hockey | 18:27

And it’s all over at Sugden Road.

Galvanised Hockey | 18:25

Here is a still of the moment the ball hits EG’s Simon Faulkner on the side of the head while he is stood on the post.

Kampong scored from the resulting flick, but, was it going in?

We’ll let you decide (flicker was second from left Kampong player).KAM 2 2 EGR.Still001

Galvanised Hockey | 18:22

Galvanised Hockey | 18:21

It’s all over in Barcelona.

Kampong 3-2 East Grinstead.

And that’s the end of the EHL action from Spain for today.

Galvanised Hockey | 18:20

But delight back on home turf for Surbiton as they get their second with 6 minutes to play against Hampstead & Westminster.

Galvanised Hockey | 18:17

Oh no, it could be heartbreak for EG as Jonker deflects home a third for Kampong with just a minute to go in the EHL Round 1 key fixture.

Galvanised Hockey | 18:16

Galvanised Hockey | 18:15

About 10 minutes left to go at Sugden Road and no change in the score. Surbiton looking set for the three points if they can hold on.

Galvanised Hockey | 18:13

Havenga scores for Kampong to the bottom right. Kampong 2-2 East Grinstead.

Some debate over whether the shot that hit an EG defender on the line was going in or not. Looked like it was heading wide to us. We are watching replays to confirm.

Galvanised Hockey | 18:11

Kampong been given a penalty stroke and a chance to equalise with 5 mins to play.

Galvanised Hockey | 18:09

Praise for umpires.

Galvanised Hockey | 18:08

So has anyone had a better day than a 9-0 win? Or a worse day than having a car full of players breakdown en route, before losing the match?

YHC both winning and losing Match Day Live at the moment.

Galvanised Hockey | 18:05

Oh dear. Looks like the Yateley men’s first team didn’t have quite such a positive afternoon.

Galvanised Hockey | 18:04

Galvanised Hockey | 18:04 This does nothing to dispel my theory of the ladies teams and high-scoring games today. Well done YHC.

The Lincoln ladies have been equalled. Did anyone score more than nine today?

Galvanised Hockey | 18:02

We got some happy(ish)-looking winners here, enjoying a well-earned beer.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:59

EHL match between Kampong and East Grinstead now back underway with 12 minutes left in the fourth quarter.

EG still lead 2-1.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:58

Ouch! Looks like pitchside photographer Simon Parker has got a little closer to the action than he would have liked today.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:55

Players at the EHL in Barcelona have been told a 10-15 minute wait before the lights come back on. The teams have returned to the dressing room to keep warm.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:54 More muddy hockey players. Looks like they’re just finished mountain biking, not playing hockey.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:52

A different kind of hockey tan at Barnes HC.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:49

Marky Mark will be happy with a brace today.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:45 Play has stopped in Barcelona after the floodlights go out.

Kampong and EG regroup and wait for the problem to be rectified.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:43

Galvanised Hockey | 17:42

St Albans fight back from behind.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:40

Galvanised Hockey | 17:39 It’s half-time at Sugden Road and no change in the score.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:38

And Adam Craggs is also a happy lad tonight after his goal + win combo.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:37

All the high-scoring games today seem to be ladies sides.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:36

Gleghorne gets a second goal to give EG a 2-1 lead over Kampong.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:34

Another high-scorer.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:32

Over in Barcelona a lack of concentration by the EG defence left Robert Kemperman unmarked and he smashed home an equaliser.

Score there 1-1, the Grinstead goal coming from a low Gleghorne dragflick.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:30 Worcester Hockey are seeing the bright side of a draw.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:28

Galvanised Hockey | 17:26

Doesn’t sound like the best afternoon for the men’s section at Potter’s Bar HC.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:25

Lots of goals at Harpenden.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:21

Looks like it was perfect hockey weather in the south west today.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:19

There’s been a goal at Sugden Lane.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:18

Well at least we know that Jas is leaving the clubhouse happy today.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:16

And coming back from behind is hard task as well.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:15

It’s always disappointing when a good run of wins comes to an end.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:09

Galvanised Hockey | 17:08

Another high-scoring result this afternoon, this time for the ladies first team of Ashford Hockey Club.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:02

We’re still looking for your #awaygameselfies. There must be some happy hockey players in a minibus, coach or car who want to share their smiling faces with us.

Galvanised Hockey | 17:00 Sally Walton speaks well of the quality of hockey she’s finding in the conference in 2014.

Galvanised Hockey | 16:58

In case you missed it earlier, here is the action from when Surbiton and H&W clashed in 2011.

Galvanised Hockey | 16:56

Over in Barcelona still no score between Kampong and EG.

Surbiton vs Hampstead & Westminster gets underway in 5 minutes and an hour later Wimbledon take on Reading at the Kings College School.

Galvanised Hockey | 16:55

Galvanised Hockey | 16:53 Hockey wags!!

Galvanised Hockey | 16:48 Bad luck Sevenoaks ladies.

Galvanised Hockey | 16:47

Academicals get a useful win in the Surrey Hants Regional 2 league.

Galvanised Hockey | 16:39 Surbiton’s Twiggy will take the three points any way she can get them. Makes the drive back from the Bristol a little less painful.

Galvanised Hockey | 16:36

Pre-match excitement is building down at Sugden Road.

Galvanised Hockey | 16:34 It’s over in the men’s Premier Division match between Canterbury and Cannock, and it’s the midlanders who take the win.

Galvanised Hockey | 16:31

Over in Barcelona, East Grinstead have just got underway with their 2nd EHL Round 1 match, taking on Kampong.

They’ll be hoping for a brighter start than yesterday versus Dinamo Stroitel, but with ultimately the same result.

Galvanised Hockey | 16:29

Galvanised Hockey | 16:27

Reigate Priory almost match the Lincoln ladies with this impressive hammering of Southampton University.

Galvanised Hockey | 16:22

Galvanised Hockey | 16:22

Canterbury two players down against Cannock who take the lead.

Galvanised Hockey | 16:20

Another decisive victory from the north!

Galvanised Hockey | 16:16

Galvanised Hockey | 16:16

Wow, this has to be the biggest result we’ve seen so far today. Can you beat the score of the Lincoln Roses ladies?

Galvanised Hockey | 16:13

Galvanised Hockey | 16:09

Galvanised Hockey | 16:08

Galvanised Hockey | 16:02

In the EHL Belgian side Royal Daring put three past Monkstown, with the third, a volley right at the death.

Galvanised Hockey | 15:22

Galvanised Hockey | 14:18

Galvanised Hockey | 14:01

Galvanised Hockey | 13:53

Sounds like it’s getting feisty in that Bath v Cheltenham match as both teams are down to 10 men in the last few minutes.

Galvanised Hockey | 13:52

Galvanised Hockey | 13:50

Sounds like an exciting finish to come as Cheltenham battle against Bath Buccaneers who extend their lead.

Galvanised Hockey | 13:48

Galvanised Hockey | 13:43

Sounds like Tom Dodd is going to be talking about his goal quite a bit tonight.

Galvanised Hockey | 13:40

Galvanised Hockey | 13:39

Galvanised Hockey | 13:38

Just over 20 minutes now until all the 2pm fixtures push back. Who are you routing for in the men’s and women’s Premier Divisions?

Galvanised Hockey | 13:36

Galvanised Hockey | 13:35

Galvanised Hockey | 13:30

Galvanised Hockey | 13:13

The Tassie Tigers who have won the 2014 Australian Hockey League. A massive result for a team previously regarded as the league’s underdogs – the majority of Kookaburra players have traditionally hailed from other states.

The Tigers came from 2-0 down to draw 2-2 with the Thundersticks from Western Australia.

In the women’s competition the title went to New South Wales, who also battled back from 2-0 down.

Galvanised Hockey | 13:07

Galvanised Hockey | 12:56

Having been 1-0 up, it sounds like there’s been an England Cricket-esque collapse for the Beeston ladies this afternoon.

Galvanised Hockey | 12:46

Galvanised Hockey | 12:43

Terrassa have pulled one back against Arminen in the EHL, now 1-2.

Galvanised Hockey | 12:27

Galvanised Hockey | 12:25

Galvanised Hockey | 12:15

Galvanised Hockey | 12:03

Exciting times in the EHL over in Barcelona.

After East Grinstead had to battle back from 3-1 down yesterday to avoid an upset and beat Dinamo Stroital (4-3), Spanish side Atletic Terrassa find themselves 2-0 down to Austrian side SV Arminen, who yesterday were the first Austrian team to win a match in the EHL.

Will there be an upset today?

In the earlier match, a hat-trick from Christopher Zeller helped Rott Weiss Koln to a 5-0 win over WKS Grunwald Poznan.

Galvanised Hockey | 11:38

Surbiton meet Hampstead & Westminster in the men’s Premier Division later this afternoon.

With the teams currently sat in 2nd and 3rd place in the table respectively, this is set to be cracking match. Will H&W’s Kiwi import Andy Hayward find the back of the net with a trademark dragflick? Or will Matt Daly silence his opponents with one of his moments of magic?

Here’s what happened when the two sides met in 2011

Galvanised Hockey | 11:17

Galvanised Hockey | 11:12

Galvanised Hockey | 11:07

Galvanised Hockey | 11:03

Galvanised Hockey | 11:01

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