Saturday, September 21, 2019


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Skill of the Week: Julius Breucker 23/02/2014

Julius Breucker retains possession in a tricky situation whilst playing for Reading against Surbiton in the NOW: Pensions Premier League.

Korea v New Zealand: London Cup Final 19/07/2011

Highlights and reactions from the final of the London Cup 2011 between Korea and New Zealand.

Reading v Surbiton (12/04/2014)

[youtube] Highlights of the Investec Women's Hockey Premier League playoff semi final between league winners Reading and Surbiton.

Finals Day @ EuroHockey U18 Championships – Santander

[youtube] Germany v Netherlands - Women's Final [youtube] Spain v Belgium - Men's Bronze Medal Match [youtube] Germany v Netherlands - Men's Final [youtube] Presentations WATCH SEMI FINALS HERE

Holcombe v Beeston 14/02/2015

[youtube] Highlights of the Investec Women's Hockey Premier League match between Holcombe and Beeston. Thumbnail photo is by Peter Smith/Smifsports
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