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Highlights and reaction from the EHB Men’s Cup third round match between Brighton & Hove and Cannock.


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  8. Congratulations and great report. It’s nice to read lead pack race reports. It’s really different than us mid packers. I mean, you’d never hear me say; it’s time to separate the contenders from the pretenders. I got a laugh out of that one. Thanks for that. Good luck at states; you’ll do awesome there.

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  10. Aku setuju dengan pendapat dia ni tapi sebagai seorang yang mempunyai kedudukan yang ‘tinggi’ bukankah lebih elok kalau tweet tu profesional sikit? Kalau tweet meroyan macam ni mesti orang Astro pun tak pandang serius. Cuba susun ayat berhemah sikit, biar nampak profesional sesuai dengan jawatan tu.Well-loved.