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A shortened version of Barrington Sports Monday Night Hockey is introduced by Simon Mason and has highlights from Holcombe’s participation in the EHL Round 1, as well as goals from the men’s and women’s English Premier Divisions.


  1. Hi Kaffein,I agree with u… quite a number of times, there is Increase and subsequent decrease which some pple will be thankful of.I do not noe about the NS duration but 1 tat i remember is the Tariff. Raised 21% and after which decrease by 24% (Can’t really remember) which effectively is only less than 3 ~ 9%Another is the ERP where during periods there will be reduced chrtees.Anoahgr is Road Tax where recently there were some discount.And another is GST which raised to 7% and we r given rebates.And finally CPF Cut which hasn’t been reinstated.