Here at Galvanised Media, we are passionate about hockey, you could even say we’re obsessed.

It might not surprise you then, to know that everyone who works here plays hockey too.

This means that on any given Saturday or Sunday, one or other of us is usually running round a pitch, trying our best to emulate the kind of skills you can see in our videos (we don’t always succeed).

As a result, we can’t always get to all the games we’d like to cover.

Furthermore, we don’t get paid for what we do, we fund it out of our own pockets, so when it comes to games in the north, as much as we want to cover them, they can become very costly for a company based near London.

We know you love hockey too, that’s why you’re on our site. So we know you’ll appreciate that while we strive to cover as much as we can, some games will inevitably slip through the net.

As we grow we hope we’ll be able to cover even more games and keep everybody happy.

We value all your criticism and feedback. If you have a suggestion, get in touch with us at info@galvanisedmedia.com.